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L♥DK | Say it Now

♥ L-DK ♥ FMV

I recently got into the Yamazaki Kento's phase and downloaded all his movies otl L-DK really caught my attention, it's that amazing. I'm definitely going to read the manga next.

All credits to the producers of L-DK.
Chandrika Chandu : Can anyone tell me where I can watch this drama or atleast name of the drama please
Tiffany Imryll : what show is this?
Gen-z Faith : What Two loves under same roof drama is like copy and paste of this drama..
Gen-z Faith : Kiss that kills made me love this actor...
Emilio Paña : What's the title of this drama...and where can I get the eng sub..hehe..✨tell me please ♥️

LDK - Irish Grime Freestyle

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Three Sligo lads ripping up a grime beat ! This is class.

Check em out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2O0uPhz3CgBSiXztp1sAxA

Camera work and visuals by Elliot Ruddy
IRM TV : Aiming for 100k in 2017 ! People have laughed at that goal, but we can do it. Smash that SUBSCRIBE button.
We're not here to take part ;)
Tom Foley : "pop your type like a sprite can" was a pleasant surprise
matthew perkins : Who’s still listening in 2020?‍♂️
Airzie Guiney : I think there good
young kai : You can tell this was influenced by American hip hop

You, I Love | Full Japanese Romantic Movie [ENG SUB]

Rin (Sho Hirano), Yuu (Hinako Sakurai), Koyomi (Tina Tamashiro) and Keita (Hayato Isomura) are friends at high school. They all live in the same apartment building. Rin and Yuu like each other, but they don't tell each other how they feel. To hide his feelings for Yuu, Rin often makes biting remarks to her. Yuu doesn't know that Rin likes her and she isn't confident enough to tell him her feelings. Kazuma (Kentaro Ito) then appears in front of them.

Movie: You, I Love
Director: Yuichi Sato
Writer: Yukimo Hoshimori (manga), Natsuko Takahashi
Producer: Fumi Hashimoto, Keigo Tanabe
Cinematographer: Mitsuru Komiyama
Release Date: November 9, 2018
Runtime: 100 min.
Genre: Teen-Romance / Based on a Comic
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
westcoast life nz : Omg why am I watching this? I am laughing soo much at how cringey the main girl is. But here I am I cant look away haha
khan ayesha : Guys can you all suggest funny movies to me i want to watch more films
Rima Aouadi : Oh i just remembered why I started watching gay shows (: it's just so annoying that they portrait females that way but i still need to watch this for my Japanese study shit ! Aren't there Japanese shows about friendship or drugs bro !
bart leen : Cringe
Yogita Yogita : It was a good movie.....happy ending after all. ..




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